13,000 tonnes cattle waste gathered in Dhaka on Eid day

Over 6,000 tonnes of waste materials had accumulated in 75 wards under Dhaka South City Corporation, its Chief Waste Management Officer Badrul Amin told bdnews24.com on Sunday.

The quantity of cattle waste in the 54 wards under Dhaka North City Corporation was about 5,000 tonnes, said its Chief Waste Management Officer Saidur Rahman.

The workers removed all the waste within 2pm on Sunday, the officials said.

“A few more cattle will be slaughtered in some areas today. We will work to remove those cattle wastes,” Badrul added.

Saidur said many of the citizens slaughtered sacrificial animals in front of their houses or on streets instead of designated places.

He threatened all with legal action if they continue slaughtering cattle on the streets in the next Eid-ul-Azha.

The city corporations have opened control rooms to receive reports of cattle waste that should be removed.

The phone numbers of the control rooms are:

DNCC (open until Aug 3): 02-58814220; 0960-2222333; 0960-2222334

DSCC (Open until Aug 4): 01709900705.

DNCC has cancelled holidays of all officials and workers tasked to remove the waste.

The DSCC has formed 10 regional committees to monitor the Eid waste management work.