Chattogram residents look for alternative Eid holiday destinations

Many went to places like the newly constructed Asian Highway from Bayezid to Fauzdarhat.

People from all ages hung out and roamed around the hilly highway by motorcycles, private and rented cars along with their families.

Abdur Rab, who works at a private company, said he stepped out as he felt “irritated” after staying at home for more than four months, including during the Eid-ul-Fitr.

Visitors also crowded the port city’s CRB area, surrounded by scenic beauty.

They hung out in stretches from the stadium to CRB SP Bungalow as the police restricted gatherings at Shirishtola. Many massed at the outer stadium with some food shops open.

The authorities shut down the children’s park at Kazir Deuri when it reopened briefly despite an order to remain closed until further notice.