COVID-19 health protocols remain unchanged as offices are to reopen after Eid

Farhad Hossain, the state minister for public administration, told on Sunday that the offices will operate under the same rules they had adhered to before the Eid until further notice.

He also said the government is no more calling it reopening on a “limited scale”.

Economic activities have to continue following the health rules to stop unemployment and keep the socio-economic conditions of Bangladesh on the right track, the state minister said.

“People are going out, but they have become more aware. Daily life has returned to normal. It would have been more normal if the floods had not affected us,” he added.

The government eased the curbs gradually after the end of a 66-day lockdown on May 30.

The Cabinet Division announced the office health protocols for Jul 1-Aug 3 period in an order on Jun 30.