Bangladesh tells primary schools to prepare for reopening

The primary and mass education ministry on Wednesday also outlined the sectors from where the costs of preparation will come.

The ministry said it favours a quick reopening of the institutions considering the negative impact the shutdown has had on the students’ learning abilities.

It also fears a rise in the drop-out rate if the shutdown, which began in mid-March, lengthens.

“So, it is extremely necessary to reopen the schools upon following the health protocols,” it said in the notice containing the list of tasks for the preparation.

Bangladesh issues guidelines to prepare for primary school reopening

The ministry released a set of guidelines on Sep 3 detailing how the schools should hold classes and examinations, and carry out other activities amid the outbreak.

In the new notice, the ministry said the entire premises of the schools, including the furniture, should be kept clean and disinfected when they reopen.

The schools should buy infrared thermometers to take temperature and detect students and others who have a fever, a symptom of COVID-19.

The schools will have to buy soap and bleaching powder for the cleaning. They should also buy mugs and buckets, and designate places for hand washing.

They can hire cleaners if necessary and purchase internet data.

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