Man paraglides with bed, takes nap mid-air; watch scary stunt

Tribune Web Desk
Chandigarh, September 24

A paraglider has caught people’s attention by soaring high up in the sky on a sofa.

Hasan Kaval has created a huge buzz on the Internet with his daring stunt. He was airborne while sitting on a bed.

Can you believe that!

Kaval posted the clip on his YouTube channel. The bed is attached to a parachute supported by a harness. The bed also has two cabinets and one table lamp attached. The setup is tiny, and very adorable.

You can also see a cute teddy bear lying next to Kaval. The scary part is, that Kaval also took a nap on his bed while mid-air.

The video has 2.3 lakh views and about 7,800 likes.

It has also received tons of comments from people.

“I’ve heard of ‘dreaming of flying’, but you took this to a whole another level!” wrote a YouTube user and we can’t say we disagree.

“Meanwhile, pilot and passengers will go crazy looking at this man in the sky,” joked another. “Puts a whole new meaning on time flies when you’re asleep… love it,” wrote a third.

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